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Publish date: Mar 21, 2021
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Taste of India, Layton Utah


Monday - Friday: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
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1664 Woodland Park Drive
Layton, UT 84041

It’s said that one of the best ways to learn about a foreign country and the people that live there is through its food. As a someone who has eaten plenty of food in their lifetime, I will agree with that logic. Throughout my career I’ve worked with a number of colleagues from India. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t full comprehend all of the nuance within Indian culture. Or even more broadly the differences between Northern and Southern India. However, I’ve learned a lot about my coworkers and their culture from the simple act of sharing a meal together. One thing that I’ve come to discover is the difference regional influences of Indian cuisine. It’s my understanding that the majority of Indian restaurants within Utah serve food from the northern region of India. And Taste of India is no different in that regard.

Taste of India, Layton Utah

Butter Chicken, Lamb Saag, and Vegetable Samosa

Creamy lamb saag and butter chicken severed over basmati rice along side of a vegetable samosa.

Once again for this review I opted for take-out since we’re still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, even if the end is in sight. I placed my order and within twenty minutes my food was ready. I placed an order for butter chicken, lamb saag, vegetable samosas, and two pieces of onion naan for my wife and I to share. All of which added up to about fifty dollars. This may seem like a lavish meal. But in reality a separate order of either butter chicken or lamb saag could have easily been split between two people without leaving anyone hungry. It’s critical to note that the level of spiciness I specified was “medium”, however my definition of “medium” and Taste of India’s do not match up exactly. Theirs is much spicier than you might expect. If you’re unfamiliar with the spices used with Indian cuisine, they’re completely unlike those from those found within Mexican cuisine. The heat is more of an aftertaste that lingers in the back of the throat as a opposed to the nasal sinuses. In all sincerity, I prefer the spiciness of Indian cuisine over that of Mexican cuisine.

Mint and Tamarind Sauce

Mint and Tamarind Sauce

The mint and tamarind included with the vegetable samosas compliment the samosas quite well.

The vegetable samoa appetizer was amazing. Warm potatoes and peas with a hint of curry powder wrapped into a crisply and flaky crust. You could absolutely put together an enjoyable meal out of these alone. A sweet and savory tamarind sauce along with a cool and refreshing mint sauce is served along side of this appetizer. I especially enjoyed the mint sauce because if offered a refreshing break from the overall spiciness of the meal. The vegetable samosa at Taste of India make an excellent addition to your meal.

Onion Naan

Onion Naan

No meal would be complete without a piece of Naan.

I opted for the onion naan and was presently surprised. I thought for sure that the excess water within the onions would have an effect on the naan, resulting in various damp spots throughout the naan. This wasn’t the case as the outside of the naan was crisp yet retained a delicate interior. The onion naan was well received by both my wife and me.

Butter chicken

Butter Chicken

This butter chicken stands out with its bright red coloring and its flavor is just as bold.

If you’ve ever eaten butter chicken before the first thing, you’ll notice about the butter chicken at Taste of India is its color. It has a deep red color which is unusual since butter chicken typical has an orange hue to it. I’m not an expert on preparing butter chicken, but I suspect some spice is left out of Taste of India’s butter chicken. Not that this matter in the least. The tomato flavor shines through in this dish. The most divine part is, of course, the chicken. I’ve eaten at a few other Indian restaurants and they have all have used breast meat. However, this isn’t the case with Taste of India’s butter chicken. They incorporate my favorite part of the chicken, the thigh. This connects a more delicious taste to the dish that just can’t be beat. This by far was my favorite of the food we ordered. I heartily recommend the butter chicken at Taste of India!

Lamb Saag

Lamb Saag

Looks can be deceiving. Saag taste better than it appears.

While I enjoyed the butter chicken more, the lamb saag did not disappoint. The lamb was slow roasted to the point where it just melted in your mouth. The saag was creamy with a robust flavor that did not over power the unique taste of the lamb’s meat. The spinach and spices were perfectly balanced allowing the flavor of the meat to really punch through. If you don’t enjoy the taste of lamb then there are other variations of saag to try. If you do enjoy lamb than I think you’ll enjoy how well the saag pairs with it. Certainly a meal worth trying.

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

A staple in Indian cuisine, a generous potion of basmati rice in included with every meal.

I couldn’t end this review without saying a little about the basmati rice. The rice was cook well, not mushy nor too firm. It had a mild aromatic flavor profile and supported both the butter chicken and lamb saag. It added just the right amount of texture to the meal and allowed each to showcase its best qualities. Just exactly what you want form rice.

I highly recommend Taste of India in Layton, Utah. It is without a doubt my preferred Indian restaurant in Utah. Each dish I sampled left me satisfied, nonetheless wanting more the next day. The portion sizes are huge and can easily feed two people. I was pleased we had left overs of both the butter chicken and lamb saag the next day. The spices used through out the food were aromatic and lingered in my mouth for a few minutes after I had completed my meal. They weren’t harsh, just a warm reminder of an excellent meal. I tried uncovering something that I didn’t enjoy about the food or some little criticism, but I couldn’t. Taste of India is just a excellent restaurant worth the visit.